Welcome to our server.

Main goal in here is to be the best farmer. You can become the best farmer pretty much same way as in real life. In general it is suggested to grow as many animals and plants, harvest them and use them wisely. It is possible to sell your harvested plants and other resources, like leather, wool, ores, foods and a lot of other items.

This server is modified, in other words this is not "vanilla" server, this is a "modded" server. At the moment I am not going to provide the list of mods, because we are updating our modpack rather often. But if you want to play in our server you will need "Technic Launcher" to be able to download our modpack. You can download "Technic Launcher" from here. And our modpack can be downloaded from here (by clicking "Install this modpack at top right corner).

In addition to all of that, we also have "Discord" channel. If you don't know what discord is here is some basic information about "Discord". If you would like to join our "Discord" chat, click here.

Major server update

Fateguard a posted Oct 22, 17

Update notes

This update is a lot bigger compared to older server updates.

Server is going to be updated this week, to be exact it's going to be on 25th day.

Stuff that is going to be added


The Elysium

Crafting Pillars



Stuff that is going to be removed

Keep inventory

Other things that are going to happen

Voting is fixed

Server is going to be wiped (full wipe)**

Added a new donator rank

New items in web store

**Server wipe is needed because certain mod items can't be obtained because there was no wipe when said mod/mods were added.

**Another reason is because current world is full of old claims that were made by players who are now considered inactive. 

**We still have few glitched/bugged chunks.

Maze Run Event on 18th, 20th and 22nd of September!

Event starts at 5 pm USC time zone. Each 

In each event you can win by finishing in top 3. 

1st - spot wins "VIP"

2nd - spot wins "Creative Tool Modifier x1"

3rd - spot wins "Black Lotus x16" 

Minecraft server like any other game server needs a good builder, great moderator and an amazing administrator.Farming Eclipse is no different, we are constantly looking for additional staff members! If you think that you are good enough, visit our forum and fill the staff member application. The more info you will put in the application the better. 

For those who don't know how to do it, here is a short guide:

1. Here is the link to empty application form.

2. Copy the empty application form.

3. Make a new thread here.

4. Paste empty application form in the thread you have created.

5. Anwser application questions in your thread and "post" it.

*All application forms are going to be read eventually. There is no need to ask staff if you were accepted. If you will be accepted staff member or I will contact you.

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